There are a lot of pretty cool and unique things that we can't believe are entirely true even though we've seen them with our own two eyes in this world like dogs riding unicycles, volcanoes erupting, babies that can paint landscape art and people with photographic memory. Regarding the last item we mentioned how cool is it to hang out with someone that has a photographic memory? We think it's pretty sweet and it amazes and awes us every time we see photographic memory in action.

We're not the only ones and it probably has something to do with how neat it is to ask someone with photographic memory about a specific moment and then they immediately provide all the relevant details. You can ask them what certain tag lines on movie posters said and they'd be able to vividly recall every single word. Or you an ask them to recall what image was in the background of a certain painting you both were looking at in an art gallery a while back that you can't remember and within moments you'll have your answer.

In the world of science and medicine there's actually a medical term that's used to define photographic memory and that term is eidetic memory. The medical definition for photographic or eidetic memory describes it as ability an individual has to recall sounds, objects in memory or images with not only extreme precisions but in abundant volume as well! If you weren't sold on how cool photographic memory was when you first started reading this article you must have been won over by that definition, right? How could you not when it sounds like the greatest super power ever that doesn't involve super heroes.

Those who have a photographic memory can use it in their everyday lives to do things such as remember where they left the keys in their Oshawa condos, remembering hands of all the players to help them win card games, and painting pictures from memory, just to name a few. If you think that photographic memory is all about recalling only visual information then you would be mistaken in that regard. In addition to being able to remember visual information about paintings, outfits and Puerto Vallarta condominium rentals those with a photographic memory can also recall other sensory aspects of certain events or things. What that means is photographic memory can also include being able to remember what something tasted, felt, smelled and sounded like!

That's just how powerful photographic memory is and the next time you encounter a person who says they have photographic memory ask them to show you how it works and you'll probably never want them to leave your condos in Toronto ever again and we wouldn't blame you for that!

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